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We have worked with multinational companies, SME´s, Innovation teams, Students and SME´s. In total some 200 people have finished the Nine Step Process. More than 50% of all ideas, have gained enough strength, to get one step further towards an innovation path.

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Structured Training

We add training to existing activities. We connect to counselling, networks and organizations making activities in Entrepreneurial action. We enable entrepreneurial training. It creates more effiecient use of existing activities.

/ Local Partnership /

Our Nine Step Process and Entrepreneurship Lab are Modules, which integrates well with local initiatives. We add training, and help plan and develop entire entrepreneurial processes.


/ Go Live Pedagogic´s /

Our approach to an Entrepreneurial action: Just do it! What else could be done? From start we have a focus of developing the idea into a real Entrepreneurial path. If not a start-up, but some small steps towards an Entrepreneurial process. We make no difference between a high-tech, survival or a social entrepreneurship approach. An idea - is an idea.


/ Active Select /

Our training modules are situated in the beginning, of an Entrepreneurial Process, developing ideas into concept and plans. Plans which later easily can be integrated in other activities. We therefore have developed methods; how to create meaningful selection of potential ideas and entrepreneurs.


 / Nine Step Process /

Our successful process of tools, pedagogics, and approach. A hands-on approach to structure a creative process. Tested and verified in four countries. It is creative, it is precise in crafting, and creates convincing concepts. All in a sequential design.


/ Invite To Do /

Our unique approach to an Entrepreneurial process. Far away from pitching, Dragons Den and 24 hours' start-up. We are having a more in-depth approach. An approach that includes local partnerships and Bridge X.


/ Bridge X /

To take an idea to a plan, to train an entrepreneur, to create strong concepts without the assurance of a continuation towards a successful entrepreneurial process, would be a failure. Therefor we create an embedded milieu for the training module we provide. We always want to create a holistic approach to entrepreneurial action.




An entrepreneur structure where other see chaos. An entrepreneur is a creator in chaos. An entrepreneur needs to be confident in chaos. An entrepreneur act by creating structure in seemingly chaos. We train potential entrepreneurs to see, to create, to act, to move.

Entrepreneurs have moral and ethical responsibilities since they are the "first movers".

Mikael Scherdin, CEO Entrepreneurship Lab

To be able to change things - one need to be able to "stay aside". To observe - then to act.

Mikael Scherdin, CEO Entrepreneurship Lab

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